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If the dishes are not getting clean...

  1. Make sure the water is hot enough. It should be at least 140 degrees, which is hot enough to burn you - VERY HOT! If it is not hot enough, turn the hot water heater thermostat up to a higher setting. 
  2. Make sure the lower spray arm is unobstructed and turning freely. 
  3. Make sure the bottom inside the dishwasher is clean and free of debris. 
  4. Make sure you are following the proper loading procedures. Use the proper amount of detergent and make sure the detergent is fresh (check expiration or "best if used by" date. 

If the door isn't closing...

  1. Make sure the latch assembly is unrestricted and latching properly. Make sure nothing is blocking the door from opening and closing properly. 

If the unit is leaking...

  1. Make sure you are following the proper loading procedures, including proper type and amounts of detergents. Run the unit through cycle while empty - if it doesn't leak, it's probably a loading problem. 
  2. Make sure the racks are positioned properly. 
  3. Make sure the door is unrestricted around the opening.

** If the inside of your dishwasher is begriming to brown and form mineral stains, put Limeaway (available at your grocery store) or Tang Citrus Drink into the tank draining the wash cycle. The citric acid from these products will remove the mineral buildup and restore the finish. 

** If your dishwasher is developing a film on the inside, put 6-7 drops of good-quality, name brand regular liquid detergent (for hand washing dishes) in the bottom and put the machine through a regular cycle. This procedure will wash away soap scum, mineral deposits and grit. It will also allow the machine to work better. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not put more than 6-7 drops of liquid detergent. Be proactive, prevent potential floods! 

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